Monday, March 20, 2017

A visit from Pepper and Sparkle Belle.

Today we had a visit from two very special creatures. Thank you Isla and Coby for sharing your precious pets with us. We loved learning about rabbits, watching them and giving them a cuddle. It gave us lots of  ideas for our story writing. 

I saw Sparkle Belle. I fed her spinach.   Tayla
I like Pepper because she is cute.    Kyden
I like the bunnies because they licked me.   Theresa
I like Sparkle Belle because she is white and black and grey and they eat cabbage and they are soft.   Malina
I like both of them. That is Pepper and that is Sparkle but my favourite is Pepper.   Lydia
I know about bunnies. I like their eyes.    Dylan
Sparkle likes spinach and cuddles.   Levi
I patted Sparkle Belle because I liked her and because she came to me.    Israel
I liked the rabbit because it had floppy ears. It was fluffy. Its name was Sparkle. She eats spinach.   Kiara 

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  1. Great story writing room 12, I loved reading about the rabbits!