Friday, August 18, 2017

Shadows and the sun.

This term for Inquiry we are looking at how we live in a world of interacting systems. As part of  this we have been observing how changes in the shape and size of shadows are caused by changes in the relative positions of the Sun and Earth. 
On Friday we went outside to track the 'movement' of the sun, and the resultant effect on our shadows.

We started by drawing around our shadows just after 9, and then returned to the same place just after 11, after lunch, and again just before  3. We had to be careful to make sure we stood in the same place each time and label the shadows that appeared so we could see what was happening.

It was also a good chance to practise working cooperatively as we needed to work with a buddy to get our shadow drawn. 

Where's the sun now? 
Whats happened to our shadow?

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