Friday, June 8, 2018

Puppets come to town

On Friday afternoon all the year 1 and 2 children watched a puppet show by the company 'Little Dog Barking'. It was the story of a little girl called Twinkle who had a vivid imagination. The presenters wore black and they worked against a black backdrop so all we could really see were the puppets.It was a mimed presentation which encouraged the children to use their own imaginations as well!

Twinkle grabs the blanket off her bed to pretend to be a bull fighter.

Her bed  transforms into the bull!

Once the bull transforms back into a bed Twinkle  decides to go flying on it...

...all the way to the moon!

Once on the moon she sits down and tries out the cheese...

...before returning on her flying bed to her bedroom.

Back in her room her small cuddly toy turns into a life size dragon...

...which takes her on further flying adventures.

The children laughed and laughed through out the show, a great way to end a busy school week. Thanks 'Little Dog Barking'.

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  1. Thanks Room 12 for coming and enjoying the show! Kenny and Amy really enjoyed visiting Trentham School. Be good for Mrs Gordon :) From Sarah at Little Dog Barking.