Tuesday, May 9, 2017

All shapes and sizes.

This week we are doing a lot of work around shapes. We are learning the Maori terms in Te Reo and in Maths we are exploring what makes each shape unique. 

During Maths today, in pairs, the children were given a pile of shapes to sort. They were asked to put them into different groups, where each member of a group shared a common feature. 

There was lots of thinking and discussion going on as each pair tried to think of their own way to sort their shapes. Some sorted by colour, some by shape, some by the number of sides and some by size. 

One pair of boys did a fantastic job of sorting their shapes according to the number of corners they had. They proudly showed the class their groups of shapes; one group was made of shapes with 4 corners, another 3 corners, another 2 corners and they even had a group with 0 corners. The 0 corners were circles and the 2 corners were half circles! Well done boys! Well done everyone!

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